Who we are

Moongle has been created with a goal to become an encrypted space to store all kinds of NFT assets on Welups Blockchain. It allows third-party to develop DApps for games, entertainment, finance, art, copyright, digital storage, or to verify the origin of products, and offers space for decentralized e-commerce platforms.

Moongle and Welups Blockchain will become an extremely potential ecosystem for all startups to create decentralized applications such as: NFT, GameFi, DeFi, Maketplace, and so on.


Benefits for human society

- An open space to store encrypted assets and information on blockchain
- Enable users to define and authenticate others’ accounts as well as assets in a transparent, public and highly-secured e-commerce platform
- Enhances safe location sharing features via the internet.
- Protect and safeguard digital assets on the Blockchain wallets and also enabling personal privacy
- Ease to track the origin of any encrypted digital assets.
- Provides innovative and creative space for blockchain enthusiasts.
- Offers AR environments for gaming, entertainment, etc.

Technological Benefits

- Applicability of blockchain in storing all kinds of encrypted digital assets such as houses, real estate, vehicles, notarized documents, certificates, copyrights and intellectual property.
- Availability of inquiry of provenance, history of all types of assets
- Storage solution for NFT, GameFi, virtual items, and more.

Innovative Environment

- Moongle Land: Allows real estate companies to trade virtual lands to buy and sell, demonstrate sample houses and other products.
- Moongle Mesion: Creating virtual space in the Metaverse
- Startup platform for NFT, GameFi, Play to earn projects, decentralized e-commerce platform, NFT marketplace
- Open Space for Creators: design, painting, fashion, music copyright, creativity, notarized translation, etc.


Private Sale: 5%
IEO: 10%
Marketing & Airdrop: 5%
Ecosystem: 25%
Development team: 5%
DApps contribution: 50% of the area is for the application ecosystem, projects...


Phase 1
Research and development
  • Research and create project
  • Design and develop Moongle Map and Moongle IN
Phase 2
January - June
Develop Moongle Map and Moongle IN
  • Moongle Map app
  • Buy Land on the Moongle (Moongle Land)
  • Digital Asset Encryption (Moongle IN)
Phase 3
2022 - 2023
June - June
Develop Moongle Mesion
  • Create Moongle Ecosystem
  • Encrypted digital storage space
  • Asset allocation
Phase 4
From June
Deploy Moongle Station
  • Technical library for startups
  • Core Applications
  • Digital encryption projects: Vugo, Vuhouse, GameFi, NFT
  • Decentralized e-commerce, metaverse, etc.


  • Mr. Jake Nguyen
    Mr. Jake has a MSc in Information Technology from Singapore - National University of Singapore (NUS). He has over 16 years of experience in the IT & Technology industry and manages Technology, Product, Engineering & Delivery from all over the international firms in The US, Singapore, UAE and Vietnam. This brings him the place in BTM Global (US), Novaland Group (VN), ConocoPhillips (US), KMS Technology (VN, US) and vTimes Group (VN, SGP).
  • Mr. David Lang
    Mr. David is a digital transformation advisor and results-oriented leader who has a proven track record of delivering revenue growth for startups and international Fortune 500 companies. He has 25+ years of hands-on experience with digital strategy, executable growth plans, developing new businesses, creating innovative go-to-market strategy, new channels partnership, implementing enterprise technology solutions, establishing PMO, and building world-class back-office operations to sustain growth.


  • Ms. Moon Nguyen
    As a proactive PO with 6+ years of experience in blockchain products, especially the NFT field, Moon Nguyen has contributed greatly in Moongle's visions and development.
  • Mr. Cody Bui
    More than 6 years experience in multi-projects: AI, Big Data, Cloud Computer, Process or Product in Blockchain Technology, Digital Assets Nft with strong Leadership and System thinking skill, Cody dedicates and fills in his career path, to help the Moongle achieve its goal.
  • Mr. Lam Trinh
    Lam Trinh is a Tech leader with over 7 years of multi-sector experience, skilled at executing impactful projects and programs. He quickly masters technical concepts, and skillfully code switches for effective stakeholder engagement. Years of living and working technology environments have fostered cross-platform knowledge, especially Blockchain—integral to leading the tech teams in Moongle.
  • Mr. Long Pham
    More than 3 years of experience working in the Blockchain industry as a Platform developer, Long Hoang got to experience Blockchain development environments, program languages, databases, and management operating systems. He has good knowledge of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Software Architect, S.O.L.I.D principles, and expertise in installing managing applications like Apache, NGINX, Mysql, Kong, Redis, Jenkins and can develop multiple languages: PHP, JavaScript, Python, Go Lang, C-Sharp, Java...
  • Ms. Thao Lai
    Thao Lai is a result-oriented specialist with 6+ years hands-on experience in Digital Business Analysis (Blockchain Platforms - Nft Applications), Technology Automation, Data-driven, and Finance Management in various industries. She has conducted various domains of projects like E-Commerce Retail, Banking, IT, Investment, CRM, sport, game.
  • Ms. Ai Le
    Ai Le has over 5 years of experience in quality assurance in Blockchain Development, Application Management. She is familiar with the whole procedure (from sample development to final test before releasing) of Blockchain Application, Nft and Technology Platforms, products, and quality requirements.